Mojo’s swimming classes for adults are targeted at remedying the biggest thing that comes between adults and swimming – confidence in the water. Some may have never felt at ease about swimming, some may have had bad experiences. But for adults learning to swim is not only a great skill, it makes excellent exercise and can be excellent therapy for injuries or medical conditions that require physical rehab. Whatever your reason for wanting to learn to swim, Mojo’s swim school can tailor swimming classes to suit you.

We run swimming classes for babies at three venues:


Adults swimming lessons at Manor Green School in Maidenhead

Full term: 9 weekly group lessons £145

5 weekly one-to-one course £150


Adults swimming lessons at Boxgrove Primary School in Guildford

Full term: 9 weekly group lessons £145

5 weekly one-to-one course £225


Adults swimming lessons swimming lessons at Newlands Girls School Maidenhead

Full term: 9 weekly group lessons £145

5 weekly one-to-one course £150

Sibling Discount for Group Lessons

We offer a sibling discount to make swimming accessible for larger families.

Please get in touch for more details!

What our parents say about MOJOS swimming classes for adults:

Edyta Złotek
“Mo is a great teacher!!! When I came first time I couldn’t swim and I wasn’t sure I will be able to do this. After few lessons my confidence and experience is getting better every session. Highly recommended.

Mary Allen
“Fantastic teacher, Mo really gave me confidence to swim and each week my technique is improving, it’s gone from not putting my head in the water to swimming under water. Amazing well done Mo and thank you. “


All of our teachers are highly experienced in what they do. We have been rated five stars on Google, Yelp, and Facebook.

Unique Course Structure

We offer a unique structure of courses with tailor-made lessons to meet every pupil’s individual needs. There is progression at the pupil’s own pace.

Individualised Attention

Classes consist of no more than 7 pupils for children and 5 pupils for adults. This gives the instructor more time for one-on-one coaching.

Pool Maintenance

We check the water before every lesson to ensure that the temperature is maintained at around 31/32 degrees. This ensures all everybody remains warm and comfortable.


There is always be someone for you to communicate with either by phone or email to assist in any way you need. We believe in happy relationships with all our clients.

Cancellation Policy

We offer a two-lesson cancellation policy. If your child or you do are not happy after two lessons, we will refund the remaining cost of lessons if the course is cancelled.

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Swimming lessons for babies, toddlers and adults in Guildford and Maidenhead