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Mo is a member of ASA (Amateur Swimming Association), STA (Swimming Teachers Association), ILS (International Life Saving Federation), Swim England, Royal Life Saving Society UK

Happy children make happy swimmers

It has been proven that children learn to swim best when they are babies due to reflexes developed within the womb which enables them to automatically hold their breath when submerged under water, thus building confidence. As your baby grows and develops the less they use this reflex and the more they can develop a fear of water. That being said here at Mojos Swim School we believe it’s never too early or late to learn to swim. After all it is a valuable learnt lifelong skill that is never forgotten and saves lives.

The aim of our courses is to provide a small gentle introduction to water and swimming, in a fun play full manor that your child will enjoy and want to continue but you as a parent will feel comfortable with. Therefore, enabling them to build confidence within the water and eventually become confident natural swimmers, with a strong sense of water safety made paramount. Throughout my swimming courses I provide challenges and believe these challenges should always be rewarded, our courses provide certificates at every skill developed, encouraging children to believe in their own abilities so to increase their confidence and motivation to learn more.

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From my experience I have developed a number of different courses that work a long side the ASA & Swim England programs. Throughout the program your child will go through the following courses:

Age group Course name
Babies (from 12 weeks) Discovery Ducklings
Toddlers (from 1yr - 3yrs old) Ducklings
Children (from 3 1/2yrs - 5yrs old) I can awards
Older children - 5yrs plus Learn to swim awards

Adult 1-1 Swim Lessons

Have you always wanted to learn to swim but never taken the dive, or maybe you want to become more confident in the water but don't know where to start?

Look no further! Mojo's Swim School can help you with all of your swimming needs and requirements.

We are currently offering small adult group lessons as well as 1:1 in the Maidenhead area.

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We treat you as an individual and tailor your lessons to give you the best possible chance of improving fast.

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