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Freqently Asked Questions - Babies and Toddlers

Should my baby have their immunisations first?

Not at all - NHS guidelines say babies can swim before they are vaccinated. Thousands of babies across the world have been taken swimming before being immunised, with no harmful effects. Please note however this is completely at the parent(s)/guardian(s) discretion.

Must the adult be able to swim?

No. We’ve taught the children of lots of parents/guardians who have shown the full range of emotions with regards to swimming from slightly anxious to absolutley terrorfied! The water is always shallow enough to stand up in, and you never have to go underwater unless you want to. Most anxious parents want to bring their child to Mojo's Swim School so that they don’t pass on their fears to their child; many have even learnt to swim themselves!

Can both parents come along?

Any adult can join in the fun in the pool, but due to space restrictions and the nature of the course, we can only allow one adult in the water with your child each week. Some of our venues may or may not have poolside facilities to spectate from but we will inform you of this upon booking. Please note that the person swimming with your child must be a responsible adult.

When can I get an underwater photo of my baby?

Unfortunately we only run photo shoots for our Discovery Duckling courses.

What time should we arrive?

Lessons start promptly at the time advertised, and each class lasts 30 minutes. In order to avoid changing room congestion, please try to arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before the start, and be at the poolside a few minutes beforehand, having dressed your child appropriately and having both had a proper shower (using the pool facilities, if available, or at home immediately beforehand if not. Remember, the cleaner you are going into the water, the fewer chemicals need to be used.)

What about changing facilities?

As we mostly hire local pools, this is beyond our control. Some of the pools do have tiny changing rooms, so please come with as little equipment as possible. Sometimes we have to ask that you don’t bring a pram, but we’ll always make things like that clear beforehand. Changing mats are provided by Mojo's Swim School, as changing your baby on the floor is by far the safest method. It’s also important that you and your baby shower after swimming – most venues have shower facilities, but again these can be limited so you might want to do this at home instead.

What about nappies in the water?

All Mojo's Swim School swimmers either babies or toddlers, must wear a disposable or reusable paper swim nappy underneath their swim costume. Please always take your used nappies away with you, unless a clearly marked nappy bin has been provided, and never leave any in an open bin.

Can we join half-way through a term?

Starting and finishing a complete term is best for your baby and/or toddler and for you. Since our classes foster a fantastic group dynamic for both adults and children, it’s best nurtured by starting your journey together. You’ll probably find yourself exchanging contact details, sharing experiences (in and out of the pool) as well as coffee, cake and sleepless nights, right from day one.

What should I bring to lessons?

As little as possible is highly recommended, as many of the changing rooms we use are fairly cosy!

Can we still swim if my baby or toddler has a cold?

Babies and toddlers frequently get colds, and if it's just the snuffles then it's fine to bring them swimming. If they have a bad cough, temperature or are generally quite miserable with it, then it's probably best to stay at home.

Freqently Asked Questions - Adults

Can I do "pay as you go" lessons?

The most effective way to complete our lessons is but booking a block of lessons either 5 or 10 as this will encourage you to keep on pushing yourself. From our experience people that book in blocks are more likely to achieve their goal.

How do I pay for my lessons?

Lessons are booked in blocks of either 5 or 10. Payments can be made via bank transfer or in cash, please note we do not accept payments by cheque.

What do I need to bring with me?

Your usual swimming attire, towel, goggles (if needed) and the willingness to learn.

What if I am unable to attend a lesson?

We understand that lives are often busy and plans can change so don't worry if you miss a lesson as you will be able to complete one of our catch up sessions.

What time should I arrive?

Lessons start promptly at the time advertised, and each class lasts 30 minutes. Please try to arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before the start, and be at the poolside a few minutes beforehand.

I am really scared. How can I overcome my fear of swimming?

To overcome a fear of anything can be very difficult, and with swimming in particular it can hold many people back but by wanting to learn, you are one step closer to beating your fear. Our instructors have many years of experience in teaching younger children and adults to swim so fear not as our classes are delievered in a friendly and supportive environment and you'll meet plenty of people who are going through the same experience as you.

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