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Mohamed Zayed

Let me tell you a little about myself. My parents were not strong swimmers and were always apprehensive about me and my siblings with the water. Growing up in Egypt with the open crystal blue waters as you can imagine I felt something was missing which is why learning to swim became a passion of mine. My parents had passed their fear of the water onto me. I was 11 by the time I learnt to swim properly and felt confident in the water. This is why I feel the importance of teaching children to swim from a young age, not only does it give them the understanding of water safety, it also helps to build their confidence within the water and gives them a lifelong skill that will never be forgotten.

I am a PE teacher by background I gained my Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education specialising in swimming, to which I taught in schools in Egypt and the UK. Throughout the years I have had the privilege to teach scuba diving in the open waters of Egypt, taught crash swimming classes to holiday makers, and gone on to teach lesson for babies right up to 12 years of age. Now with over 15years of swimming instructor experience working for various companies, in Egypt and the UK I have developed my own structured swimming courses with the ASA and Swim England program in mind and feel these would benefit every child and parent for them not to have the experience I did as a child. Teaching and swimming continue to be my passion.  

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